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astute solutions

Transition Training & Management Coaching

  Our Approach to Coaching

Informed by exposure to and experience in the Medical Scheme’s industry, the non-Governmental sector, the Para-Statal Regulatory environment and the Private Education sector, Astute Solutions unlocks potential and delivers solutions through a kaleidoscopic basket of offerings in South Africa and Vietnam, independently and through association and tenured collaboration with other select service providers.


Our primary coaching focus is on Transition Coaching in support of leaders migrating from one Leadership Pipeline level to the next (with emphasis on the transition from Managing Self to Managing Others as well as the transition from Managing Function to Managing Business).  This focus is underpinned by our research through the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) on “How Business Coaching prepares leaders in the Private Tertiary Education sector for transition from Managing Managers / Functions to Managing Business.”

We operate on the understanding that Business coaching on its own offers valuable support to leaders-in-transition, but when incorporated into a well-structured leader assimilation programme, has greater potential for entrenching and sustaining a measurable shift in awareness, responsibility and performance.  To this end, coaching needs to be incorporated into a learning and development programme that includes inter alia awareness-creation, training, self-study, experiential learning, coaching, mentoring, reflection, ongoing observation, the giving and soliciting of feedback and finally monitoring, evaluation and remediation.